Jumat, 21 Desember 2007


September is National Preparedness Month, the time to focus on the job of getting prepared for the naturally-occurring or man-made disasters. Small business must focus on emergency planning, because 25 percent of them do not reopen following major disasters, according to the Institute for Business and Home Safety.

In an effort to protect the city’s 65,000 small businesses from earthquakes, fires, electrical outages, severe storms, hazardous material spills, tsunamis and acts of terrorism, The San Francisco Small Business Commission offered these helpful tips, which businesses everywhere can follow:

* Protect critical systems such as computers and telephone equipment from failure or attack by installing surge protectors and antivirus software
* Assemble and store emergency supplies
* Provide for emergency backup power and lighting
* Identify and post evacuation routes and assembly areas
* Develop an emergency communication plan – assess alternate communication systems
* Establish a notification plan and emergency contact list
* Conduct regular exercises with employees to review emergency procedures
* Establish an emergency training plan -- orient employees to your specific recovery plans and provide staff training in first aid and CPR

FROM: Safetytraining on BBS

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