Rabu, 18 Februari 2009


Environmental Policies
1. In our business, we will pay close attention to issues related to the environment, health and safety and do our best to prevent pollution.
2. The Company will strictly observe environmental laws and regulations and strive to improve its control over potential environmental issues through the establishment of standards and rules in view of the requirements for related industries.
3. The Company will define its objectives related to the environment and re-examine them annually in keeping with changing information and continually improve its environmental management system (EMS) by revising the objectives and targets when necessary.
4. The company will make every effort to save resources and energy and to promote recycling.
5. The Company will provide its employees with well-designed training in environmental affairs in order to raise their awareness of conservation and announce its policies to business partners.
6. The company aims to improve the quality of its products through conservation activities and to promote the effective use of resources.
7. The Company announces its environmental policies to all concerned both within and outside the company.

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