Jumat, 07 Maret 2008


Three Elements of Motivation
Motivation starts with the desire to be free, to be free from dependency on others, freedom to live the lifestyle we dream of, freedom to explore our ideas. Total freedom is not possible or desirable, but the struggle to achieve that ideal is the basis for motivation.
Motivation is built on three basic elements:
1. Motivation starts with a need, vision, dream or desire to achieve the seemingly impossible. Creativity is associated with ideas, projects, and goals, which can be considered a path to freedom.
2. Developing and maintaining a love-to-learn lifestyle become involved with risky ventures, and/or continually seek new opportunities learn what works and does not work.
3. Developing and maintaining a desire to overcome barriers and to bounce back from discouragement or failure. Individuals learn to tolerate the agony failure brings. In any endeavor, that is worthwhile, barriers and failure will be there. Bouncing back requires creative thinking as it is a learning process. In addition, bouncing back requires starting again at number one.
A loss of any one part and motivation is on the rocks. For example;
1. If you like to be creative and love to learn but cannot face up to failure, you will not go back and try again. Persistent motivation is associated with bouncing back from failure.
2. If you have a unique idea but don’t like taking risks, ideas’ is all you will ever have.
3. There must be something in your life that turns you on. Some people work harder at finding it than others. You can start by analyzing the lifestyle you wish you could live. Remember, money is not a goal; it is a reward for achieving a goal. People without a motivating dream are not reading this website.

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