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EN 16001:2009 Energy Management System AQD

I.S. EN 16001:2009 Energy Management

Certification to I.S. EN 16001:2009 Energy Management Standard

The objective of the Energy Management System is to establish a systematic approach for improving energy performance continuously. The standard specifies the requirements for continuous improvement through using energy more efficiently.
An organisation that implements the standard needs to establish, implement, maintain and improve an energy management system. It will ensure that it conforms to its stated energy policy and demonstrate such conformance to others. When the system is mature, energy management becomes integrated into day-to-day responsibilities and activities.

The Energy Management System is structured in a similar manner to the Environmental Management System, ISO14001. Organizations that have already implemented or plan to implement ISO14001 can integrate the requirements of both management systems to enable a more efficient implementation process while ensuring that a company benefits from the continued value-add of the management system, in the form of reduced energy costs.

The main benefits of the system are:

  • An organisation and its senior management demonstrate a strong commitment to energy efficiency
  • Good energy management is embedded in normal operations
  • Action is based on key energy usage
  • The emphasis is laid on getting it right the first time and on a process of continuous improvement
  • Because of the need for participation by all staff, energy management does not depend on one person
  • Processes are standardized so that improvements are sustained over time
I.S. EN 16001 was published in July 2009. This standard supersedes I.S. 393:2005. All companies who are currently registered to I.S. 393 will be required to transition to I.S. EN 16001 within one year of the date of publication.


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