Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

NEW ISO14001 SYSTEM EnMS 16001:2009

THE Irish Energy Management System Standard (I.S. EN 16001:2009) has been developed to help
organisations to improve their energy efficiency in a logical, controlled and systematic way, thereby
saving energy and reducing costs.
The standard is focused on promoting the analysis of energy usage data, and identifying the exact
locations, times and underlying reasons behind current and past energy use, so that your organisation
can accurately identify, understand and prioritise opportunities for improving energy efficiency.
This analysis, coupled with a ‘management system’ approach, has a long and proven success record in all
industry sizes and sectors. The Irish energy standard has been structured to align with other popular
industry management system standards such as those for quality, health & safety and environmental
management. Organisations can thus, if appropriate, integrate an energy-management system (EMS)
with their existing management system(s).
This implementation guide has been developed to provide a recommended approach to implementing
an EMS to meet the requirements of I.S. EN 16001 in your organisation. As each organisation’s needs are
different, the guide does not purport to be a ‘one fix’ solution for all, nor does it provide a template by
which you should develop your own EMS. However, it does explain how to go about implementing an
EMS and provides a planned, logical and informed approach to energy management, to improve energy
efficiency and reduce operating costs.
The benefits of implementing I.S. EN 16001
The requirements of I.S. EN 16001 can be applied to and met by any organisation that wishes to improve
its energy efficiency. When this manual was being developed, several organisations that have already
implemented the EMS confirmed that they had seen many direct and indirect benefits attributable to
implementing I.S. EN 16001, including:
o energy cost savings
o reduced greenhouse-gas emissions
o reduced carbon footprint
o increased energy awareness among staff
o greater knowledge of equipment efficiencies
o informed decision-making processes
o structured approach to the Right First Time methodologies

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