Minggu, 06 Januari 2008


General conclusions on Prevention from Falls from Heights
! The physical prevention of falls encountered on the sites was variable. Compliance
ranges from very high to poor compliance.
! The physical condition and placement of ladders on all sites was good. There were no
ladders observed in defective conditions or too short for the job.
! Two sites prevented missing handrails or edge protection
! Five sites prevented unguarded openings.
! Ladders were not tied in eight out of the eighteen sites.
! The incidence of observed scaffold or ladder misuse by operatives was low.
! In overall terms housebuilders were more likely to have a higher incidence of
unguarded openings and missing guardrails/edge protection.
! In conclusion the existing sources of safety influence acting on the 18 sites produced 2
sites out of 18 with all the required edge protection and 5 sites out of eighteen with all
requisite openings guarded.
! Whilst these figure would be subject to change during the life cycle of the construction
phase, it points to current levels of safety influence on sites not being strong enough to
prevent conditions allowing operatives to fall from heights.
A number of safety items were largely complied with across all sites in that the mean noncompliance
rate was below 5%. These safety items were:
Missing scaffold baseplates
! Misusing scaffolding
! Ladders to short for the job in hand
! Misusing ladders
! Defective ladders
! Protective footwear

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