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HACCP Program certification

Dear General Manager

To give the elegant Hotel features deluxe accommodations, plus full array of amenities and services for business and leisure’s travelers, or to boast a variety of onsite amenities, Restaurants, Bar and Deli.

We, ANDALAN QUALITY DUNIA providing HACCP program certification that assured
Fulfilled needs and wants of business and travelers.
With expertise in service industry since 1872, we confident can boost market and benefit for Hotel, Restaurants, Bar and Deli owner.

Why Join HACCP Program certification?
• To prevent the product return/ recall
• To prevent the bankruptcy
• To repair and clean-up the facilities of production
• To prevent the customer and market lose
• The increase the customers confidence
• To prevent the cost waste because of the product safety problem

We look forward to your participation in the HACCP program at your premises. Again we are confident you will find this HACCP Program certification benefit to you and your business.

If you have any question about this service or how to register for the implementation. Please call our marketing and sales representatives at 021-7065 2998 or 0811 844 644.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

Refers to product and product-related analytical and monitoring procedure specific to foodstuffs aimed at detecting and eliminating at an early stage any defects that may lead to specific health risk for the customer

Critical Control Point (CCP)
Points (specific production sections, working procedures or working techniques) in the production process where it is both necessary and possible to master or control risks to health.


• Identify the steps required to conduct a hazard analysis
• Identify critical control point
• Explain what is required to implement a HACCP system


• To improve the public health by prevention or reduction of toxicity and diseases in the food
• To evaluate the way of food production for identifying the hazard possibility of food
• To improve the way of food production by pay attention on critical processes
• To review and evaluate the way of food handling and processing, as well as sanitation applied in food production
• To increase self inspection by operator and employees in food industries

Program certification

Consultancy (estimate):
• Awareness, documentation, internal audit 5 mandays
• Documentation preparation 15 mandays
• Development 15 mandays
• Consultancy period 5 mandays

• Pre-audit (preliminary audit) 2 mandays
• Document review (document adequacy) 1 mandays
• Certification audit (initial assessment) 3 mandays

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